On Travel Mode- My First Blog Post

It’s official, I have a Blog!  A Travelling family blog based in New York City.  Now, I just have to learn how to use it (Joke).  Anyways, I’ll start by saying that I’m new to the concept of blogging. I’m out of my comfort zone. Awkward feelings aside, I thought that this might be a nice way for me to introduce myself to you all a little less formally!

Welcome to On Travel Mode! I’m Alex, a blogger, foodie, and cavachon lover in the great City of New York. My travels have taken me to Spain, the Bahamas, and other places that I enjoy sharing on my instagram and here on the blog. As much as I love seeing the world – and plan to see a lot more! – there’s really no place like the City that Never Sleeps. I’m one of the lucky ones who gets to call this city Home.

If you’ve ever wanted to visit New York City, but you didn’t know where to start planning, I can show you how to live like a local. And living here with my family has shown me how New York City is a perfect family destination. From visiting the Empire State Building, to ferrying out to the Statue of Liberty, to finding the best places to grab a bite before or after a show on Broadway, to the best hotels for your budget, I am excited to tell you all the insider secrets. And maybe share some sides of the Big Apple that you haven’t seen on TV.

Check out my posts and feel free to ask questions and make suggestions for future features. Are you a gourmet foodie or is street food your thing? Are you looking for the hot spots in urban night life, or how to really get the most out of our beautiful urban parks? Ask away! I love this town, and I love sharing it with the world. Don’t forget to follow me on Social Media!

At the moment I’m starting to work on some more posts to get up on the website. I will be collaborating and highlighting other Bloggers from around the World.  Like I’ve said before, please give me any feedback you have on my website! I want it to be as useful as possible, and you all are the best at knowing how to achieve that.

I think that’s about enough from me this time. I’m hungry. I’ll be uploading again soon, I’m sure. Thanks for having a read and checking out my Website!

Have a great week ahead, everyone!


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