New York City Vs. Hong Kong- Which City Should You Visit in 2023?

Nys vs hong kong

Living in a big city comes with lots of considerations before you make a move. New York City, one of the most populous cities in the United States, and Hong Kong, a famous city in China, are top contenders for people looking to advance their careers.

But they both come with significant trade-offs.

With the cost of living almost similar to that of New York City, Hong Kong is a city referred to as a “Melting Port” due to its diversity in terms of culture, which is something it has in common with NYC. However, you will find that their taxes are lower and less compared to NY.

When it comes down to amazing cities in the world, they both make it to the list. Despite both being expensive, Hong Kong has less expensive and cheaper housing than New York, but overall they are similar, even having a vibrant and exciting nightlife.

Hong Kong vs. New York City: What is the Difference?

There is a similarity in terms of value; massive skyscrapers, numerous business opportunities, and fantastic food; however, New York City and Hong Kong have some differences. Hong Kong has a strong spiritual and martial arts culture, while New York offers more for people who love museums, the theatre scene, and the arts.

NYC is already known for its intense winter season. On the other hand, Hong Kong winters are relatively mild, with summers that can be humid and steamy. The Hong Kong skyline is epic and stunning at night, but NYC has more iconic and outstanding buildings.

Check out the following video from the Psycho Traveller, who shares her experience traveling to Hong Kong.

NYC vs. Hong Kong Size

Hong Kong is 1,064 sq. miles making it larger than NYC, which is 468 sq. miles. A big chunk of the land in Hong Kong remains undeveloped with the sprawling countryside.

Population in NYC Vs. Hong Kong

When it comes down to comparing the population of Hong Kong vs. New York, both have a high-density population, but NYC leads the pack with more people with a population of 8,398,748 while Hong Kong’ stands at 7,483,954.

The People in NYC

Its been repeatedly said that the people of NYC are rude, which is not something you should take personally.

It’s a busy city; everybody is in a rush; you will need to keep up or otherwise find yourself in someone’s way, and you might take how they react to this as them being rude or brisk.

NYC is generally an inclusive, diversified city where you will not stand out as a visitor or foreigner. The people are friendly and openly help you get around or find your footing in the city.

The People in Hong Kong

Being fast-paced, the city’s people are constantly in a rush, and speed is part of their lifestyle. It might take a lot of work to get a sense of hospitality from someone in a hurry.

To them, this is efficient, but many outsiders see it as rude and distant.

Hong Kong Crime Rate vs. NYC

In any dense megacity, some cases of crime and insecurity are bound to occur. It’s upon you to be alert, observant, and responsible for any valuables in areas you feel uncomfortable.

That being said, Hong Kong and NYC have relatively low crime rates so long as you avoid neighborhoods highlighted as dangerous.

You can roam around during the day, go outside after dark in both cities, and still feel relatively safe if you avoid higher crime areas.

NYC Vs. Hong Kong: Cost of Living Comparison

The cost of living in Hong Kong and New York City is similar. Like in NYC, people in Hong Kong need to work hard to sustain themselves.

However, a further comparison shows that the average rent rates in Hong Kong are slightly higher than rent rates in NYC, making them some of the highest in the world.

Even though Hong Kong has slightly lower rent rates than NYC, their rates are still some of the highest in the world since the apartments are much smaller.

Cost of Food in NYC vs. Hong Kong

You will spend less money buying local food and plenty of ingredients from the local street markets in Hong Kong. The city’s street markets are cheaper and more economical than convenience stores or eating out at restaurants.

Shopping from various local markets would be your best bet if you want to cut your food expenses.

The price you pay for goods and services is similar in both cities, which can be attributed to the high demand for the same.

The purchasing power fluctuates in both cities but is relatively low, considering the increased demand.

Getting around in NYC vs. Hong Kong

Hong Kong has a developed public transportation network. You can get anywhere you need with ferries, trams, buses, subway trains, and affordable taxis.

The NYC subway, though reliable, can be unpredictable and not in full working order sometimes; either way, it’s still a great way to get around in the city since it takes less time to get around the city.

It attracts quite a crowd, however, being the primary mode of transportation.

Attractions in NYC vs. Hong Kong

NYC is a top destination, with incredible museums, art galleries, broadway shows, etc. It has terrific theaters for people in the arts, the fashion industry, and the media.

The Empire State Building is still famous and grand, even though it’s no longer the tallest building in the world. 

Other typical attractions include Times Square, Soho, Central Park, the Hudson river, etc. Some of the top attractions in Hong Kong are Victoria Peak, Tian Tan Buddha, the Star Ferry, and Hong Kong Island trams.

Fun Things to do in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has a lot to offer in terms of local and international cuisine, which you can try.

With the availability of international brands at malls, you can also go shopping or opt for cheap products sold at open-air markets.

With most of the land being undeveloped in Hong Kong, it provides an excellent and perfect opportunity for hiking in its parks and trails. You can organize a trip up the mountains if you also want to indulge in physical activity.

And there are unique entertainment options if you love to party your nights away.

Fun Things to do in NYC

In NYC, try the food scene and splurge a bit on street food; visit the world-class museums if you are a history buff, go for a walk in the parks and even rent bikes for biking or watch a broadway show.

The diverse food scene has put New York on the map, and it is something you can explore; thankfully, the restaurants are easy to locate.

The food scene in NYC vs. Hong Kong

You would consider NYC a food paradise filled with people from all over the world bringing their ethnicities and cuisines.

You will get food trucks selling street food from many places in the world; you can also find restaurants if you are looking for fine dining.

In Hong Kong, foreign meals cost more in local restaurants when compared to local meals like a bowl of instant noodles with a fried egg.

If you are operating on a budget, you can eat in canteen-style places where you can get amazing food options like Chinese food.

Final Thoughts

NYC and Hong Kong are pretty pricey to live in; however, they bring many growth opportunities, especially if you are career-oriented. The cost of living is almost similar; the transportation system is equally as developed, and there is a myriad of things to do in both cities. 

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