Five Word Story: South Africa is a must!


Five Word Story: South Africa is a must!

I had the pleasure of exploring Cape Town while I was visiting South Africa. It was truly a wonderful and almost indescribable experience. However, I am going to try my best to share with you why this experience was an enjoyable one that I plan to relive as many times as I can.

Where To Stay:

I stayed at the Southern Sun Cape Sun Hotel in Cape Town. This hotel is beautiful and had the most amazing views of Table Mountain from my room. The staff was simply amazing and always willing to help. The food was also good as I ate breakfast in the hotel most days.

I also loved this hotel as it was close to Greenmarket Square which is where I bought a lot of local handmade crafts and clothing. The hotel is also close to a lot of great restaurants and lounges as well.

What To Do:

The V&A Waterfront is where I spent a lot of my time. It is one of Cape Town’s main tourist attractions. It is on the water and consists of an indoor mall, restaurants on the water, as well as countless family-friendly activities. I spent a few nights here trying out different restaurants.

The Cape Peninsula Tour is also a great way to explore Cape Town. It is a full day tour but it is well worth it. It consisted of a scenic drive all the way to Cape Point, which is the most southern point of Africa, and the views along the way were breathtaking! I also stopped in Simon Town on the way back to the hotel for a delicious lunch.


A tour of Robben Island was very important to me as Nelson Mandela has always been my own personal hero. However, I must warn you that the tour can be emotional, or at least it was for me. Reading about Nelson Mandela’s life in prison was one thing, but being in the prison and your tour guide being one of his prison mates, was another thing. Nonetheless, it was a very inspiring and wisdom filled part of my trip.


Stellenbosch Vineyards was the perfect place for wine tasting and relaxation. Stellenbosch is located on a beautiful estate in Cape Town. Not to mention their wines are exquisite especially when paired with chocolate.


Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens is also a must if you are into beautiful flowers, picturesque scenery, and crisp fresh air as I am. The experience was very serene and calming.


My favorite part of Cape Town is Bo-Kaap which was formerly known as the Malay Quarter. This part of Cape Town is very rich in history and is known for its very colorful homes.


There is also a museum in Bo-Kaap called the Bo-Kaap Museum that contains a lot of knowledge about Cape Town and about Apartheid. It is truly an eye-opening experience.


There is so much to do and see in Cape Town. I wish I could have stayed longer. Cape Town is the only place in the world that I have been to so far, that I can see myself relocating to. It was important for me to share my journey and experience because Africa is often depicted as a negative place. In fact, it is a gorgeous, breathtaking, intriguing, and vibrant place to be. I encourage everyone to make a trip to any part of Africa, at least once in their lives. Cape Town stole my heart, I hope it captures yours too!

Kemi Bella is a blogger and creator of She encourages using travel as a tool to mental health wellness. You can find her on social media at IG: bella.wanders and Twitter: bellawanders.

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